Comfy Living Room

Hello My Lovelies… Here’s another DIY post for you to feast your eyes on! (There will be a few of these as we have done a lot of work on the house over the past couple of weeks) There wasn’t anything wrong with our living room in the first place, except the carpet. Having two… Read More Comfy Living Room

The Pets

Our Tribe

All About The Family Behind Tails in Tales With A Twist So this blog originally started to chronicle life with 6 animals, (4 cats and 2 dogs)and was called ‘2 of one, 6 of Another’ but over the course of a short space of time, and a few blogs, I have quickly come to realise… Read More Our Tribe

The Pets

Meet Our Bella

Hello my lovelies, you’ve previously met Hugo and now I’m going to introduce you to Bella! Hugo was just over a year old when we made the decision to have another pup, the main reason was we thought Hugo might be a little lonely. Bichons are known to be very sociable dogs and detest being… Read More Meet Our Bella

The Pets

Meet Our Hugo

Hello my lovely readers! So I’ve been doing this blog for quite a few months now and I have always mentioned the puppies, or you may have seen them in the About Me page. But I though it was about time that I actually introduced you to them. So let’s start with Hugo. The Talk… Read More Meet Our Hugo