About Tales With A Twist

Welcome to my little slice of the internet – heard that before huh?

This is my little blog where I will be sharing things about us, the Twists. There are two humans and 6 animals, to learn more about these guys head over to The Tribe page for a little info on all the family!

I thought I would create a little page to say Welcome to my world, there will be lots about home life, some decorating which I have recently found that I love doing, as well as other odds and ends. I’m really into reading and movies so I will probably be blogging about my top suggestions, I really love anything supernatural, including the TV show Supernatural, which I’ve watched religiously for 12 years. I’m actually a complete nerd and I don’t really hide it, so if all else fails at least you’ll love my quirky taste in TV and movies right?

I’ll also blog about personal issues, as I suffer from anxiety and I do a lot of self-realisation through my writing. I try to keep it light so it’s not too much of a downer when I’m having a bit of moan or finding something particularly hard. I’m a big believer in having good mental health in your life, mental health can affect every single aspect of your day to day life, so it’s important to keep on top of it and not get bogged down with all negative nellies out there!

So that being said, browse my posts, leave some comments and I hope you like what you read!