Mandalas & Patterns: Adult Colouring

Hello Ladies & Gents…

There was another long pause on the blog posting, work is always busy this time of year for me and I just got so behind, apologies! This post is for those of you who like adult colouring, or looking at pretty patterns and mandalas, I haven’t really shared a lot of my colouring on this blog and I thought it would be nice to share – there will be a few more posts around this going up pretty shortly!

If you like the below, find my colouring instagram at @colouringthroughlife for more colourful goodness!

So I will stop rambling on now, here are some of my favourite patterns and mandalas I have coloured (there are a lot of them, scroll freely!)

Hope you enjoyed these pretty colours! I’ll be adding a few more in a couple of days of my favourite characters and swear word colouring pages, so keep an eye out and check back! Also don’t forget to check out my colouring instagram @colouringthroughlife where I show all my colouring and progress!

And for those interested in the house and decorating, there will be a post coming up very soon about a whole new-look spare room… keep your eyes peeled for that folks!

Until then, keep on colouring guys and dolls!

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