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Hello My Lovelies…

I’m not sure if I have mentioned our desk space before, but it was in serious need of a bit of TLC. The spare room had been decorated last year (see my previous post for details) with idea of it being an office space. But we didn’t actually have a nice desk space, despite our very shiny iMac that we were both desperate to use.

This is what it looked like:

A cute little corner that generally got piled full of washing or a storage space for things that didn’t have a home, I think everyone’s spare rooms are like this right? It’s that room that you don’t really go in so all the rubbish gets piled in there and forgotten about. But I didn’t want that to happen to our spare room, as a writer it’s nice to have that space where you can sit and ponder all the thoughts in your head etc. Mr T also craved a nice quiet space to geek-out on his excel sheets.

Then about 2 weeks ago Mr T said: “I think I might build a desk like this…”

Which I loved the idea of, without the shelves on the top. And so that weekend he went out and bought some wood for the legs and broke down the extra pallet wood, spending all Saturday and Sunday building – pretty much in his element, to be honest, take a look at the images below:

Once it was built, it was time to sand… and that was my job! I’d never done it before and I loved it!

Mr T then varnished the top, we wanted to keep the same colour of the wood because we thought it was beautiful and rustic

Choosing a colour to paint the rest of the desk was a bit more difficult, we didn’t know what to go with at first and then someone suggested grey and it clicked. So we bought B&Q’s own brand grey chalk paint and I began painting…

Here is the final product…

We were so happy with the end result, I’m sure you agree that it looks amazing and it’s the first project that was a real team effort. Before it was either just me painting or just Mr T building and painting, this was the first project that we worked on together and it’s come out so perfectly.

We quickly realised that the new desk required a new chair to fit in, we purchased this beautiful chair from Amazon, a company called Cherry Tree Furniture. And it fits in so perfectly…

I am so proud of us, we didn’t argue while doing this desk and normally anything to do with decorating or DIY we have some kind of disagreement as we have drastically different tastes. But this project worked out perfectly and now we both have a space to work at home, I’ve spent so much time in the spare room lately as it’s much more comfortable and inviting – and you guessed it, I’m writing this post from my beautiful new desk and ridiculously comfortable chair right now! I am one happy Mrs T!

Until next time my beauties…

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