Our First Holiday

Hello My Lovelies…

Yup, you read that title right, after an almost 9-year relationship, and nearly 4 years married, Mr T and I recently embarked on our very first holiday together!

As crazy that sounds, there was always one reason or another to not go on a holiday, usually our lack of money, but in recent years the excuse became the dogs too. But this year, Mr T had been dropping hints here and there about travelling abroad, and I had been trying to drop hints about a UK holiday, with the dogs.

Eventually, Mr T got his way, as he pointed out that it wouldn’t be much of a holiday if the dogs where with us – I wouldn’t mind, but I think he was really craving some time away from their constant barking, mess creating and general neediness (I have no idea why…) So we asked my brother and mum to house/dog/cat/fish sit for us and, very luckily, they agreed!

Then we booked our first holiday…

The Destination

And off to Agadir, Morocco we were going!

We chose Agadir, Morocco for a few reasons: we found a really good deal at an all-inclusive (and very swanky) Riu Palace Hotel, the flight was only 3 hours and 40 minutes long and there was no time difference to the UK – so no jet lag!

A big plus to going to this lovely Riu Palace Hotel was that Mr T’s parents had previously been to the same one – around 3 times, and have booked to go again this year. So, we knew it would be a pretty impeccable hotel, and it truly was!

The Hotel

The Riu Palace Hotel chain has a pretty good track record, I’ve been to only one other Riu hotel in Cape Verde around 6/7 years ago, but it wasn’t a Palace, and it was nothing like the Agadir Rui Palace Hotel. Although the hotel was very luxurious, swanky and almost grandeur in the decorations, not once did I feel out of place. It never felt ‘stuck up’, I was always relaxed and comfortable, which is a huge thing for me as I was so far out of my comfort zone!

The pool was huge, with two pool bars, and what seemed like an endless supply of sun-beds! There was the whole ‘towels on the beds’ thing every morning, but there was no shortage of unclaimed beds so it was never a problem (side note: I HATE that. Talk about rude.)

The food was to die-for. It was a buffet-style room for three meals a day, with another endless supply of tea, coffee and every other drink you could want. Every night was a different ‘theme’ for the food, so although with some staples, there was always something different to try at meal times. There was entertainment, but we didn’t see any, my anxieties held out for the groups of people at the food, the pool and the plane, it was too much to be in a room of loud people and entertainment – cringe. We generally went back to our room and played cards, UNO or watched some Netflix, I am a boring person I know, but Mr T and I really enjoyed ourselves!

Here are our pictures!

We had an amazing time, there were some anxiety-filled days, but all in all I think it was really good for us to get away and relax together. The next post is all about my anxieties during the holidays, the stepping out of my comfort zone that I did, and the times I didn’t leave my shell, have a read of Holidays & Anxiety if you fancy a bit of an insight into my weird little brain.

Until next time my beauts!

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