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Songs That Help with Depression

Hello my lovely readers…

People react differently to depression, and are affected by different things personally, music really affects me, and some lyrics just stick with me and make me feel slightly less alone.

When I’m in a depressive state, I tend to cut myself off and stay in my head where thoughts aren’t constructive or positive. So one thing I’ve found is that creating a playlist can distract me, taking my mind off whatever melodrama is currently taking its toll on my poorly brain, and including this list of particular songs always helps to think about things a little differently. They aren’t a get-out-of-depression free card, but they do help heal my wounded emotions a little and add some positive thoughts and vibes or make me question how low I am.

So if you find yourself in a depressive state or just on a bit of a downer (which is sometimes a telling sign and trigger for me, before it can get bad) then hopefully these songs and lyrics might make a little emotional difference for you…

Get Back Up Again

by Anna Kendrick (from Trolls the Movie)

A fun positive song, it just helps to have that positive vibe and someone singing about not letting things bring them down. And it usually gets a smile when you hear Anna Kendrick screaming…

Stand out lyric: “Hey! I’m not giving up today, there’s nothing getting in my way…”

True Colours

Cindy Lauper

A helpful voice letting you know that you aren’t alone and that someone out there sees your value and knows your worth, and knows how hard your struggle can be

Stand out lyric: “you can lose sight of it all, and the darkness inside you can make you feel so small, but I see your true colours”

Don’t Let Me Get Me


Pink will appear a few times on this list, her songs have such strong messages. This is a particular favourite, it’s not overly positive, but it has a lot of truth that sometimes you do more harm to yourself than anyone around you does.

Stand out lyric: “Don’t let me get me, I’m own worst enemy, it’s bad when you annoy yourself, so irritating, don’t wanna be my friend no more”

Queen of Swords

Indina Menzel

I’ve loved Indina Menzel since watching Rent, so her solo songs are a favourite. For me, this is a song about being strong in the face of adversity, but how there are many ways of being strong and learning that you can rely on yourself and live the life you want.

Stand out lyric: “I can be delicate as a flower, or a warrior on a throne, there’s a life out there to devour, even if we do it alone”

Raise Your Glass


Another Pink song, all about the underdogs, which is what it feels like for me when I’m on a downer. Celebrating our quirkiness and weirdness is what life is about, and is exactly what this song is doing, it’s important to feel empowered when feeling down and this song does that for me.

Stand out lyric: “Raise your glass if you’re wrong in all the right ways, all my underdogs, we will never be, never be, anything but nitty, gritty, dirty little freaks”


Christina Aguilera

It’s not really a surprise that this song has made it on the list. It’s a hugely popular song about the damage that other people’s opinions can have. It’s important to remember that we are beautiful in our own ways (as cheesy as that sounds, it really is true).

Stand out lyric: “You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down”


Christina Aguilera

Another song about fighting back and learning to trust yourself, that little voice that tells you are worth something and you are valued. Recognising the down times and growing stronger knowing that you will make it out the other end.

Stand out lyric: “In life there’s going to be times when you’re feeling low, and in your mind insecurity, seems to take control”


Destiny’s Child

Of course, Beyonce pens one of the best surviving songs out there. Really shouting out how you will survive anything thrown your way. A good, positive song that will have you shouting along with it. ]

Stand out lyric: THE WHOLE CHORUS

You need me, I don’t need you

Ed Sheeran

Okay, so this isn’t about mental health. But Ed Sheeran sings this song with such passion that it will get you in a fighting spirit, at the same time the stand out lyric really makes you realise how strong your mind really is.

Stand out lyric: “I wont be the product of my genre, my mind will always be stronger than my songs are”

Learn To Fly

Foo Fighters

I fell in love with this song before I really suffered with depression, and now I look at it a totally different way. From a man who suffered with some traumatic events in his life, Dave Grohl offers a soft message of resilience and learning how to cope – well that’s how I feel about it.

Stand out lyric: “I’m looking for the sky to save me, looking for a sign of life, looking for someone to help me burn out bright”

No More Sad Songs

Little Mix

A surprising song I know. Although this is about a break up, I do think that it’s a good message about no letting yourself get lost in your depression. Try not to listen to sad songs, or sad voices, or watch sad movies, that will only feed the depression – as impossible as this can sometimes feel, it’s an important message to remember.

Stand out lyric: “stay out all night, go where the music is loud, so I don’t have to think about, I’m beggin’ please no more sad songs”

Life Goes On

LeAnn Rimes

The title says it all. As bad as it feels in the moment, it is so important to remember that life will go on, you will get out the other side and you will carry on, stronger.

Stand out lyric: “life goes on and it’s only gonna make me strong”

Before It’s Too Late

Goo Goo Dolls

Learning to be who you are, before it’s too late and you lose yourself – a fantastic message. Although can feel daunting when depressed, it’s a good song to listen to and realise that this isn’t all there is in you, you are more than this and it’s never too late.

Stand out lyric: “don’t fall, just be who you are, it’s all that we need in our lives”


Goo Goo Dolls

Another good one from the Goo Goo Dolls, I take this song as a warning. Don’t lose yourself in other people, don’t depend on them for your happiness, don’t live their lives and make sure to live your own.

Stand out lyric: “Broadway is dark tonight, a little weaker than you used to be…see the young man sitting in the old mans bar, waiting for his turn to die”

Drops of Jupiter


Probably an odd choice. But I love this song so much that I was going to have these lyrics tattooed on me (but can’t find the right place). I love the message that you can sail the milky way, find all these amazing things and figure out that they are overrated, it’s what you are passionate about, what you get up every day for that matters most.

Stand out lyric: “tell me, did you sail across the sun, did you make it to the milky way to see the lights are faded, and that heaven’s overrated”

For me, depression comes when I expect more from myself, upset that I couldn’t meet the (often unrealistic) expectations that I set and thinking that everyone is aware that I’m a failure. Obviously, this isn’t always true but when I’m in that mindset it’s impossible to see the bigger picture, so these songs can really help to drive home the message that things will get better and I am okay, and to just keep fighting.

Until next time my beauties, keep fighting

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