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All About The Family Behind Tails in Tales With A Twist

So this blog originally started to chronicle life with 6 animals, (4 cats and 2 dogs)and was called ‘2 of one, 6 of Another’ but over the course of a short space of time, and a few blogs, I have quickly come to realise that this is fast becoming a space of chatter, decorating and almost therapy for me. So a re-brand was in order, and Tales With A Twist was born! (thanks to Mr T.)

But I thought it was about time that you met the whole family…

The Animals

So our wonderful furry babies are as follows;
4 cats

Sox – She’s the oldest of the bunch, and a total grump, but still a mummies girl.

Willow – this little Princess is Sox’s kitten, she’s inherited her mum’s grumpy attitude too, but look how pretty she is!

Darwin – our only boy cat, and real cuddle monster for a cat too. He loves a good snuggle, espically at 4am.

and Autumn – our little stray, she wandered into our house from the street at 10 weeks old and never left. She’s a bit weird, but still a little sweetie!

Along with our two puppies;

Hugo – our lovable Bichon Frise, he’s a mummies boy and real cuddle monster, the most loveable dog in the world.

and Bella – the baby of the group, Bella is a King Charles Cavalier, and as such is a little princess and completely spoilt. She’s also a winge bag.

The Humans

Mr. T – the man behind most of my good ideas. And also behind a lot of my eye-rolling.

And me, Sarah – you’ll learn about me the more you read…

And that’s my tribe! The pets will appear every now and then, but I thought it was time that you really saw who we are as a family!

Welcome to Tales With A Twist

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