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My Favourite Kids/YA Books

Hello my dear readers!

I recently spent a few days sorting out my DVD and book selection, resulting in a big sell off to Music Magpie – if you haven’t done this before and you’re a bit of a hoarder like me, then I highly recommend doing it! After 4 boxes of DVDs, a hand full of books, a game boy and Wii, I made just under £230! Well worth it!

The big sort out also resulted in finding some forgotten literature gems of my youth and I thought I would share them with you! There are actually only 2 authors in these 5 YA books, Roald Dahl and Meg Cabot, but they both shaped my love of reading and writing my own stories, my writing style is heavily influenced by Meg Cabot. These books are perfect for those looking to start off in the YA section, whether you are a young adult or an older one, the YA section is home to some wonderful stories. These aren’t ‘classic’ stories, but they are my favourites that I have read time and again.

So here are my 5 favourite YA books of my youth…


By Roald Dahl

Everyone knows the story of Matilda, and I really loved this story. Obviously, I love to read so I felt like the story was speaking to. For those that don’t know, Matilda is a very gifted little girl who is in a family that does not appreciate her, or recognise her gifts, then she meets Miss Honey in school, the nicest person on the face of the planet. Lots of things happen, including Bruce eating a whole chocolate cake, which as a kid was amazing, but as an adult I can do in about half an hour. Read this story!

Missing (the Series)

By Meg Cabot

There are 5 books in the series and Jess, the main character, ages throughout until the last book where there is about 3-year jump. Jess gets struck by lightning while walking home from school which results in Jess having super powers (not kidding), Jess can suddenly locate missing people, hence the title! This is a cute book series but has some really good morale questions, what if the person missing doesn’t want to be found? A great ready for anyone over the age of 12.

Esio Trot

By Roald Dahl

This is a tiny book, I re-read it very recently and it took me a day, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second! A lovely story about a man who is in love with his neighbour, who loves her tortoise but is worried that it isn’t growing. Mr Hoppy tells Mrs Silver to say a poem to Alfie, her beloved tortoise every night and he will surely grow – this results in Mr Hoppy housing lots of tortoises to swap out… it’s such a good read and one of those books that gets stuck in your head.

All American Girl

By Meg Cabot

Sam Madison saves the President of the USA’s life, and she totally speaks to me as an introvert who just wants to blend into the background. A quirky story about two kids falling in love at art classes, with a lot of humour in the mix. Meg Cabot’s style is one of a kind, and every story will feel like you’re having a chat with your best friend, and I wish Sam Madison was my best friend, and so will you. I don’t want to tell you too much of the story because there’s a few twists, but you’ll love it!

The Guy Next Door

By Meg Cabot

So, this is a little more adult than young adult, but it’s worth adding in there because I read it when I was around 14/15 and wasn’t scared by some of the things mentioned. Melissa Fuller was the character that convinced me that I wanted to be a writer, not only was she a journalist for the New York Journal, in the gossip column, who is struggling to find a decent guy. Then comes John Trent, a crime reporter for a rival newspaper, who is the perfect man, but for one problem, Mel thinks John is Max… it’ll become clear when you read the book and you’ll fall in love with the characters just as much as me!

And those are my top 5 YA books, the other obvious series was The Princess Diaries, which everyone knows is by the amazing Meg Cabot! Definitely give those a read if you haven’t, another Meg Cabot teen book is called Teen Idol, which is pretty cool too and is about a teen superstar going undercover at a normal high school for research – it’s ridiculous, but fun!

I hope I didn’t bore you to death with my favourite YA books!
Until next time my lovelies

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