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Meet Our Bella

Hello my lovelies, you’ve previously met Hugo and now I’m going to introduce you to Bella!

Hugo was just over a year old when we made the decision to have another pup, the main reason was we thought Hugo might be a little lonely. Bichons are known to be very sociable dogs and detest being alone, the cats provide some companionship but all they ever do is tease and bully him really, so he needed a little brother or sister. My family had previously had a King Charles Cavalier, Dylan who was adorable, so I knew that I wanted that particular breed and it turned out that a little girl was left out of a litter, so we settled on going to get her. And now we wouldn’t be without her, it helps that she is a complete daddy’s girl too…

Her Name


Her name was a little harder, I wanted Luna (which was also the name I wanted for Hugo until we decided on a boy dog the first time round), but Mr T wanted Bella, after Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. We didn’t decide on her name until the drive home and we saw how much the name Bella suited her, and as she is now over a year old, her full name Bellatrix fits her just right.

Her Personality


Bella is an extraordinarily pretty puppy, even for a King Charles, she looks every inch the princess she thinks she is. She is so lovable, constantly wants to cuddles and to be near you, and is always wiggly-bum happy to see you and she loves nothing more than to rest her neck over your mouth as you blow air into her neck (she is very weird). That being said, she is probably the most disgusting dog you could ever meet! She trumps all the time, and they are stinky, she is sick almost every day (sometimes it doesn’t even leave her mouth, she just swallows it back down) and the reason she is sick all the time is because she eats everything in sight. And I’m not just talking about the odd spider, bit of dirt or worm (although they are gross too) she eats cat poop (when we aren’t quick enough to catch her), socks, cuddly toys and an endless amount of shoes. Shoes seem to be her favourite thing to demolish, she even eats the rubber which seems to be the best bit to chew… So to anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy, read the previous post on how mental Hugo was and take heed at the tales of Bella Twist, the champion eater, stinky trump-maker and sick machine. Also, she burps in your face and walks away…

But to be honest, I wouldn’t have her any other way, she is the happiest dog on the face of the planet, her and Hugo were inseparable from the start and their bond is so strong that it genuinely warms my heart when I see them all cuddled up together.

Here are a load of pictures of Bella…

















Bella’s Booboo

Bella is tough as nails, she doesn’t cry or whimper. At 5 months old she ran into our French doors and cut open her shoulder, she cried for about 2 minutes and then we had to hold her to stop her from running offer before we could get to the vets. Below is the cut before and after the stitches, and now you can’t even see the scar, there is no lasting damage, but she does give the French door a wider birth before running into it now…














And that ladies & gents, is Bella the King Charles Cavalier. She is still a puppy and having the time of her life with her brothers and sisters, the cats love her and she loves to lick their ears and cuddle them. Darwin the black cat is a special best friend to Bella, they even share a bed some days, before he bites on the head when she gets too annoying!

Until Next Time My Beauts

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