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Meet Our Hugo

Hello my lovely readers!

So I’ve been doing this blog for quite a few months now and I have always mentioned the puppies, or you may have seen them in the About Me page. But I though it was about time that I actually introduced you to them. So let’s start with Hugo.

The Talk

As much as we wanted to, we didn’t have an older dog from a rescue, we both work full time and although I have a dog sitter, sometimes the dogs are left on their own for a few hours and rescue dogs need more than either of us can give at this point in our lives. We are both looking into the future of retirement and having the time to spend with a rescue pup in need. We took in my mum’s dog Dylan towards the end of his life and this made us realise that we could have a puppy and the cats would learn to love him.

So enter Hugo…

Hugo is mine and Mr T’s first actual puppy, we had from a wonderful family in Blackpool whose Bichon had two puppies. He was pretty spoiled from the word go, and we fell in love with him straight away.




He is our little prince but he is a total mummies boy, which considering I tell him off the most is a bit shocking but there ya go! Being an only pup, he was completely spoiled rotten and everyone fell in love with his quirky and cheeky personality. He was into everything! He dug up our garden, pooped in the spare room, peed in the bed and refused to sleep in his own bed, he was a nightmare. All we ever heard was “oh he’s so funny!”, “oh he’s like a whirlwind”, “he’s so adorable” and yes he was all those things, but he was a handful and I will never have another Bichon as they are known for their craziness!




No longer a puppy…

The older he got the calmer he got, I think puppy classes helped a lot too, and so we arrive to now…


Hugo is now the grumpiest, moaniest Bichon that there ever was. Getting up in the morning is hard work, he is like a teenager, pretty much refuses to leave his bed and only makes it a few steps before face planting where he is and going back to sleep. Every time Bella wants to play he chews her leg or ear and grumps away before picking up his favourite toy to play with.



Even though he is grumpy he is my boy still, actively ignoring Mr T’s calls, Hugo will walk past him and straight into my lap, so then sigh, look at Mr T and settle down for a cuddle. Mr T says it’s because I ‘mother’ him too much, but I don’t care, he’s my little man and gives the best snuggles!


Mr T’s big decision…


He used to have a big ‘boff’ like most Bichon’s and looked a little mental, I think it was what people loved about him most. But it was hard to maintain, especially since we had Bella who just loved to chew his hair, so Mr T decided enough was enough, and this happened…






So now Hugo no longer has his ‘boff’. The night it happened I laughed so much I genuinely almost peed my pants, it was like watching the Chewbacca woman all over again. Hugo kept sighing, and I’m sure the cynical people out there will be screaming at the screen that he didn’t know what was happening, but I like to think he did, and I like to think he was not impressed with us at all. He was stretching his legs to look in the mirror and sighing his little heart out, but he was so well behaved and patient with us I was really proud of him. Even little Bella was well behaved and just slept the whole time, either on my lap or on the a towel on the floor as my legs were hurting – which she wasn’t happy about it really, the little princess.



And so ladies and gents, that is Hugo, my adorable little boy who I love as if he was an actual human baby because to me he is the closest we will ever have and that’s enough for us.

Until Next Time You Beauties!

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