A Toy Box Fit For Royalty

Hello my dear readers, welcome to a different kind of decorating…

So we’ve had this wooden ottoman in the living room for a little while now, it was a generous gift from my mum who no longer wanted it. So we’ve always used it as a toy box for the dogs as they have a ridiculous amount of toys and need storage, and once I painted my dressing room furniture it was stuck in my head how I wanted this toy box to look.

I used the B&Q chalk based paint that we already had in the house to save on cost and bought a ‘straight edge’ piece to help with corners and such.

First Attempt








So the only problem with how I wanted it to look was that I’m not talented enough to make it look that way, as you can see. The idea was there, but I couldn’t get the ‘swirlies’ or font right. Mr T kindly painted it white the day after as I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with it.

Mr T had been saying for weeks “just paint the top, it will look better” and I was hesitant because I just had that image in my head of what I had wanted and I couldn’t see past it. Ever had that? Get stuck on one idea of what a room/object will look like and then it doesn’t look like that and you just can’t think of how to fix it. But then a new idea popped into my head, a framed box around some writing. So I started with that…

Second Attempt



So as you can see I caved and painted the top. The main reason was because I couldn’t get the writing or colours right on the lid and it was driving me crazy, so I painted over the problem area. And it turns out Mr T was right, it looks so much better! Argh I hate saying that…what I also hate saying is that he is better at something that me. And turns out he is way better at painting font than me, like loads better.

The Final Result


And this is what we ended up with, and I love it! It is so much better than what I originally planned on, and rather than being a solo project, it became a team project with Mr T putting some much needed talent and a keen eye in. As Hugo and Bella are the Prince and Princess of the Twist household, this toy box really is fit their little Royal furry butts and toys… (I had to work the title in somewhere…)

Until next time you beautiful people

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