Hallway Transformation

Hello my dear readers, how sick of decorating posts are you? Well here’s one more!

This will probably be one of the last ones I post as we have decorated pretty much every room in the house. I’m thinking about a ‘summing up’ post, but that will be a couple of months away, once we have all those cute ‘finishing’ touches that bloggers seem to so easily do. (it’s actually a giant pain in the butt to keep the house that clean for a good photo shoot!)

This post is all about our hallway, both downstairs and upstairs. Fair warning, this is a pretty long post with lots of images….


We had no ideas on what to do with the upstairs hallway, as you can see was a really dark grey colour and it closed the whole space in. So I knew I wanted it lighter and bought this Dulux Chocolate Mocca paint on a whim, and it turned out really well! Mr T painted the walls white first so it wasn’t so dark once the paint went on…

Upstairs During

Upstairs Finished

I love the way this turned out, it has really lightened up the place and made it look so much cleaner!



When you open the door to our house it is directly into the hallway, it was originally white and grey, we decided on a little more colour to walk into the house with.



Downstairs Finished

It took months to choose the colour, I knew that I wanted green downstairs but it was just the shade that was hard to find, I had four different shades of testers on the wall for about 6 months before deciding on Dulux ‘Sage Green’



The Stairs

This was always a feature wall of the hallway as it dominates the space, so it was important to me for it to stand out, be a little quirky but not be too dark to suck all the light of the room. Originally we had colourful butterfly stickers being chased by cats, this was lovely but they quickly got scratched from the real cats thinking they were toys!




Stairs Finished

I chose this wallpaper months ago, it is (of course) from Amazon, and simulates a bookcase. Mr T was cursing me before he hung it, but once he started he said he was surprised at how easy it went up – I’m glad because it means I didn’t have to listen to him moan for days about it haha! I am so chuffed with the results and I don’t think the photos do the real thing justice at all.



And that my dear readers is the story of our hallway, if you made it all the way to the end then I think I may love you a little bit and thank you so much for sticking with me!

Until next time my beautiful people!

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