The Evolution of Our Bedroom

Hello my dear readers, care to join me on another decorating journey?

Note: I did say it wouldn’t be so long this time! Also, I’m still working on the look of the blog, so I apologise if it’s a bit messy at the moment.

This post is all about our bedroom, it’s a bit of a weird shape and finding the right style, colour and furniture were really hard work over the past 3 years. Mr T’s favourite colour is green, and I’m talking lime green here, not a mellow, warming colour for a bedroom, but after a lot of arguments I relented and we had a lime green wall for a little while…

A Lime Green Wall



Note: This is how I got into all the wall stickers around the house. This was the first one I bought, and I really liked it! The cats kind of destroyed it though as they kept attacking the ‘birds’


Note: This is the only image I can find from how we used to have our TV in the bedroom

As you can see it wasn’t great, and to be honest with you, it gave me a huge headache. So after about a year and a half, I requested Mr T paint the wall a chocolate colour, unfortunately, I can not find an image of what it looked like at the time but it was basically the same as above just a brown colour instead of the green.

So we went back to green, but I had more of an input this time…

A Different Kind of Green

I think you’ll agree that this green is a much softer tone, it makes the room cosy and warm. Perfect for a bedroom. The paint is Dulux Olive Green and our wallpaper is from, of course, Amazon and is a fake stone/slate wall. Mr T likes to have a big TV (and so do I really – we are huge film buffs) so we opted to put this on the wall and bought those cute, little wall boxes to add a little extra to it. The big canvas was originally in our living room and was purchased from the Range a few years ago.

The Best Love Wall Quote Ever



We then added this very cool wall quote, which I love and think that it definitely sums us up to a T (hah! get it?!) I’m hoping to be adding some white photo frames to this wall soon, probably after Christmas, and we have recently put a huge red fish tank on the sideboard now too, which is a cool night light!




This shelving unit is a new addition too, it was actually my sister-in-laws originally and she didn’t want it anymore. This corner was always a mess, we just used it as a dumping ground, but now we have it a bit more organised and a place to put all my colouring supplies! Is it sad that I have a dedicated colouring shelf?

Bedside Table

I just wanted to show you my cute bedside table, with my very pretty leaf-lamp. The lamp is amazing, it’s charged by USB, holds the charge for up to 15 hours and has 3 lighting settings. I have a white noise machine to help me sleep if you struggle with sleeping this is definitely a thing to invest in as it has 6 different noises with everything from the seaside to a thunderstorm to lull you to sleep. I also have an iPad/iPod docking station, which is brilliant too and has two different alarm settings, a radio, Bluetooth and music settings.

En Site




I had my own at my mum’s house – oo la la – and we now have his and her bathrooms because I am way tidier and a bit more of a bathroom neat freak than Mr T. Mr T laid the vinyl flooring and I painted the walls.

I think decorating is a lot of trial and error, whether this is trying to find your own sense of style or trying to merge yours with your partners. It’s all a bit of hard work, and if you are anything like myself and Mr T, we are a fairly explosive couple and disagree a few times a day, decorating can be a bit of a nightmare as we rarely agree on a colour/theme, but tends to work out in the end.

Hopefully, I didn’t bore you senseless, I spend most of my time here as I find it relaxing, cosy and the perfect little hidy-hole away from the world. It’s kind of like my safe place when things get extra shitty.

How long did it take you to find your style? And if you live with someone, how did you find a happy middle-ground on decorating? Were their tears and tantrums, or did you slot together really well?

Until next time my beauties!

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