Rename and Rebrand

Hello My Lovelies, I have a new name and will be having a new style. WhitWoo!

So Mr T showed his creative side and managed to come up with very clever name for my blog, Tales with a Twist… get it? Because we are a family of Twists!

I’m sure someone will, at some point, think it’s called Tales with a Twit, and they probably wouldn’t be wrong on that either! I’ve bought a domain and everything for my fantastic new name, I’m just not sure how to merge everything and get everything to look how I want just yet, but I will be working on it. I will probably be posting while the site is undergoing changes too, so you’ll get to see the progression! I have ideas of what I would like and how I want it all to look, so I now I just have to invest my time to grow my knowledge about technical stuff…like widgets and such. I’m going to be researching for a while haha!


So this post is basically to say I’m currently rebranding and rejigging the blog so it’s probably going to look different every time I post as I’m trying to find my feet and my style. I hope you guys will stick with me throughout it and like my new look once it’s all complete! Also if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line and let me know!

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