Creating a Dressing Room

Hello lovely people

It’s been a while since my last post, it was a bit heavy and draining, I felt I kind of needed a little space from myself. (Also I got totally lost in Teen Wolf on Netflix…sorry about that)

This post is much more light hearted and a bit crafty, artsy and involves DIY, I actually did something around the house! I think Mr T was very shocked, the poor bloke!

Okay so we have a three bedroom house, we have our bedroom, a spare bedroom/computer/DVD & book storage room and lastly my dressing room. I firmly believe every woman should have their own dressing room, kind of like a ‘woman cave’. And it was my dressing room that I wanted to decorate…






As you can see it was pretty bland, cream walls, old brown furniture from our old house. But my spectacular French dresser stood out, a surprise Christmas present from Mr T a few years ago. He lovingly restored and painted it over a few months, I had no idea and was always annoyed that he was spending loads of time out of the house! Poor Mr T!

So I wanted the rest of the room to look as lovely as that French dresser…


The first step was to paint that tired looking wardrobe and drawers. Mr T lovingly sanded it down before I painted it…



2016-05-21 16.04.57

Look at little Willow wondering what’s going on, she hates change and anything new bless her.

2016-05-21 17.30.46

I used B&Qs own brand of off-white chalk paint, and then did some free hand ‘swirlies’ (technical term…) with some sample pots, provided by a lovely fellow (much more accomplished) DIYer! And the same lovely person pointed me to a website called Belle Modelle for my new drawer knobs and (as yet to be put up) coat hanger…




I’m really happy with how these turned out, fresh and fun. But as you can see they blend into the back ground, something needed to be done about those walls…

Walls and Background

I love feature walls, in almost every room in our house there will be a feature. This room is no different, I chose rustic red brick wallpaper bought from Amazon. All of the wallpaper used in my house is from Amazon, it’s cheaper without losing quality. I would really recommend taking a look through the site.





The paint colour was one we previously used in our bedroom (which has since been repainted) called Champagne Truffle, by Dulux. Really warm and luxurious colour. 

Finishing Touches

After taking on this project, I am someone that literally does nothing DIY, so this was huge for me. Mr T did the wallpapering and provided tea and sandwiches! I quickly found out that finishing touches make the room…

The style I was looking for (and even Googled) was New York, behind the scenes, stripperesque, warehouse look (never Google that…).


These metal signs are all from Amazon, I’m sure I will be adding to them over the years too.


The light was again from Amazon, called an industrial stye lighting. I also bought a new fancy lightbulb to make it look better (bad carbon footprint I know!)


The stack of boxes were a Christmas gift from my Sister-in-law, the metal calendar was a gift from Mr T and the canvas was a 21st birthday gift from my bestest buddy Sophie.



So I’m totally in love with this new room, I can’t stop looking at it. And now I’ve got the bug, I want to redecorate every where, much to Mr Ts dismay haha!

So that’s it for this time, hopefully I didn’t bore you! I’m currently recovering from an operation on my back, so I think I will be posting a bit more over the next couple of weeks.

Much Love My Beauties

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