Workout Non-Problems

Now I’m a big girl and I’ve been working on that over the past 8 months, I started out by going to a place near me called The Fitness Academy, and it was amazing. But now I go to the gym in work. And hears the kicker…

I love it! I’m still a couch potato and I hate to get up and move if I don’t have to, but three nights a week I come to this crazy place and squat like a beast! It hurts, I wine, I swear like a trucker and I sweat like a pig (do they even sweat?!). But I love it and I come back every week for more pain!

But today I have a new sports bra and my workout clothes were hard work to get on! It was like a whole workout on its own! I didn’t want to come, I wanted to stay at home on the sofa with my puppies. But here I am, in the cold, waiting to ache even more.

You should try it if you don’t already, you’ll love it!

Blogging on the go again, speak soon!

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