Puppy Troubles

Ever had a puppy covered in poop?

Okay, so this is just a quick post on the go (or waiting to go to the shops…). But if you’ve had a puppy I am sure at some point or another it will have rolled in poop. If it didn’t, you are the luckiest person alive – once my mum’s dog, Dylan, rolled in fox poo. It smelled so bad my mum wouldn’t even bath him, I had to do it. So it’s safe to say I’m not that bothered by poop smell.

Or so I thought… Bella, my 10 weeks old King Charles, has just come running in with her side covered in poo. Now it can only be either her poo or her brother, Hugo’s poo, it stank! It was also dry and stuck into the fur – weird right?!

Anyway, I washed her in the kitchen sink (she is still small enough to fit, I know cute!) and I dried her on the couch. And now currently she is looking at me like I did the most horrible thing possible. Really Bella? You’d rather walk around smelling and covered in poo?

Kids. Never happy! Next posts are less about poo and more about books,

Much love readers!

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