Thoughts & Feelings

Judgemental Begone

Hello my lovelies, a little introspection today… I generally pride myself on how non-judgemental I am, and for the most part that’s true. Live your life how you see fit, it generally doesn’t bother me what anyone else likes to do, who am I to judge when my life is such a big fuck-up? But… Read More Judgemental Begone


Mandalas & Patterns: Adult Colouring

Hello Ladies & Gents… There was another long pause on the blog posting, work is always busy this time of year for me and I just got so behind, apologies! This post is for those of you who like adult colouring, or looking at pretty patterns and mandalas, I haven’t really shared a lot of… Read More Mandalas & Patterns: Adult Colouring


Stairs & Bathroom Make Over

Hello My Lovelies… First off, apologies on the downtime of this blog (around 3 months), time kind of got away from me and now I’m so far behind on showing you the changes of the house! The house is now all finished (with finishing touches to be added), with our downstairs bathroom and stairs being… Read More Stairs & Bathroom Make Over


Comfy Living Room

Hello My Lovelies… Here’s another DIY post for you to feast your eyes on! (There will be a few of these as we have done a lot of work on the house over the past couple of weeks) There wasn’t anything wrong with our living room in the first place, except the carpet. Having two… Read More Comfy Living Room


DIY Desk

Hello My Lovelies… I’m not sure if I have mentioned our desk space before, but it was in serious need of a bit of TLC. The spare room had been decorated last year (see my previous post for details) with idea of it being an office space. But we didn’t actually have a nice desk… Read More DIY Desk


Our First Holiday

Hello My Lovelies… Yup, you read that title right, after an almost 9-year relationship, and nearly 4 years married, Mr T and I recently embarked on our very first holiday together! As crazy that sounds, there was always one reason or another to not go on a holiday, usually our lack of money, but in… Read More Our First Holiday

Thoughts & Feelings

Holidays & Anxiety

Hello My Lovely Readers… You may have read my last post about myself and Mr T’s holiday to Agadir, Morocco, where we stayed in a beautiful Riu Palace Hotel, if not, check out Our First Holiday, to see some pretty pictures of Agadir, and mainly the stunning hotel. This post is about how my anxieties… Read More Holidays & Anxiety

Thoughts & Feelings

Songs That Help with Depression

Hello my lovely readers… People react differently to depression, and are affected by different things personally, music really affects me, and some lyrics just stick with me and make me feel slightly less alone. When I’m in a depressive state, I tend to cut myself off and stay in my head where thoughts aren’t constructive… Read More Songs That Help with Depression

Top Suggestions

Top 9 Teen Movies

Hello My Lovelies! As you may know, I’m a bit of a film buff , watching everything from horror flicks (see my previous post here) to Disney and kid classics, along with some pretty rubbish B-Movie’s too. Teen movies hold a special place in my heart, earning a slow clap for the nostalgia, drama and… Read More Top 9 Teen Movies

The Pets

Our Tribe

All About The Family Behind Tails in Tales With A Twist So this blog originally started to chronicle life with 6 animals, (4 cats and 2 dogs)and was called ‘2 of one, 6 of Another’ but over the course of a short space of time, and a few blogs, I have quickly come to realise… Read More Our Tribe